My 3.30am Alarm Clock

For the past three days I’ve been waking up at 3.30am with back pain.  Waking once or twice I would count as a coincidence – but after waking a third time I realized that perhaps all is not as it should be.

Now, I am not a stranger to waking to back pain.  Typically at the end of my Remicade cycle about a week before I’m due for my next infusion I will start to get some aching joints – including my back.  And I will usually find myself waking up around 3am due to this aching back, or more frequently aching ribs.  However I just had my Remicade infusion about 3 weeks ago, so I shouldn’t be having any aching joints.

I’m wondering if the aching is due to loss of muscle tone in my back.  Typically I go to the gym 4 times per week, exercising my back on 2 of those times (I do a 4 day upper/lower split).  For the past 3 weeks I have not been to the gym as I haven’t been feeling 100%.  For the first two weeks it felt like I had some virus thingy, and was aching all over, a bit nauseous, and just generally feeling like shit.  So listened to my body and stayed away from exercise.  This last week I guess I have just been lazy.

So today I’m determined to get back to the gym – so I can at least find out if my back is aching due to lack of exercise.  Hopefully this is the case, and once I get my back working again then the pain will go.  What I am hoping it isn’t, is that I’m getting resistant to the Remicade.  On my last infusion my doctor told me that I am the one patient of hers with the longest time between infusions (12 weeks).  She said that none of her patients can go that long between infusions – with the shortest being just 8 weeks, and most going 10 weeks.  I must admit that I should probably shorten it to 11 weeks since for that final week I don’t sleep well.  However I have just started taking Celebrex at night for that final week and find that this is doing the job.  After waking again at 3.30am today it did cross my mind that maybe I should take a Celebrex tonight before I sleep.  However ideally I don’t want to be taking Celebrex regularly so far out from an infusion.  Like I said, hopefully getting back to the gym will do the trick.

I’ll let you know tomorrow if it works.

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