The 3 Year Legal Dance

My job involves a lot of planning.  One of the areas I am currently busy in is preparing legal documents for a deal we are doing offshore.  I am amazed at how complex this deal has become.  Believe it or not, I have been working on this deal for 3 years now – and finally the contract is just about signed!  Many staff and colleagues have expressed amazement that I didn’t just give up long ago.

When I first started in my current job I inherited the situation, which included legal arrangements with other companies.  Naturally I can’t go into a lot of detail here, suffice to say that I have been working for the past three years on schemes to unravel what was done and set us up in a secure position to go forward.

3 years.  I can hardly believe it myself.  It is currently on my mind as recently I believed that we were extremely close to finally getting the mess sorted, when at the last minute suddenly one of the key parties went silent.  They are not answering any emails or telephone calls.  Argh.  Anyway, I had a good meeting yesterday and there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.Is it keeping me awake at night?  I’m not sure. I know that it was during the weekend when I couldn’t sleep Saturday night.  Lack of sleep also doesn’t help my psoriasis.

So do you remember a couple of weeks ago I committed to doing more cardio?  Last week I did actually get a couple of sessions in on the elliptical.   My plan was to continue this week, and I had planned to do cardio on the days I am not at the gym, which is Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  However yesterday I was all motivated to get home after work and get on the elliptical when at the last minute I got told I had a meeting that would start at 5pm.  So much for getting home in time.  With the Bangkok traffic I didn’t get home until about 8pm.  I’m planning on doing cardio tonight, however deep down I know that the long term solution to this is to do cardio in the morning.I’ve read the studies that show that cardio in the morning is more effective than at any other time – providing that it is fasted cardio.  Last year I even managed to get myself out of bed at 5.30am for several days to do cardio – and felt really good afterwards.  The problem is it just scares me to think about getting up so early for the rest of my life.  I like my sleep as much as the next person, and if I don’t get enough not only does it make my psoriasis flare, but also makes me pretty grumpy!  Is it a lifestyle change I can adapt to?  Well so far I haven’t been able to, but it is not like I’ve been trying hard to do it either.

The problem is that if I do decide to do morning cardio, then I know that I’ll have to get up around that time every day, i.e. even on the days when I’m not doing morning cardio.  This is because the studies on how to get a good sleep state that one should stick to a routine, going to sleep and waking up at the same time so that the body gets into a good rhythm.  The body loves to get into a rhythm.  They state that even though one may be tempted to sleep in for a long time in the weekend, one should not sleep more than about 45 minutes past your usual week day wake up time.  Otherwise come Monday morning your body has to readjust – and that can be painful.

So taking the above into consideration, if I get used to getting up at around 5.30am during the week, could I handle then getting up at 6.30am (at the latest) during the weekend?  Ouch.

Would getting up at 5.30am give me enough time to do cardio?  Check.  Is doing fasted cardio (i.e. before breakfast) more beneficial than normal cardio?  Check.  Would doing more cardio allow me to lose fat faster, so that I can get closer to a six-pack?  Check.  The logic is there.  I think my heart is slowly getting aligned with my brain.  Perhaps I need to sleep on it….

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