30 Oranges at TGIF’s

Last night I watched Zookeeper with the kids.  It was actually pretty good.  Kept me entertained and the kids really enjoyed it too.  They have Nick Nolte and Sylvester Stallone voicing some of the animals.  If you asked me for names of famous actors who would voice animals I’d never ever pick those guys – but they were really really funny.  Another actor who I was surprised to see was Joe Rogan.  He was actually the “mean” guy in the movie – and did a great job.  I often see Joe commentating for UFC and this was the first time I’ve seen him acting in a movie.  I hope he does some more.My nightly routine during the week is to watch an episode of Star Trek with the kids (it is part of my plan of indoctrinating them to science fiction programs), and then let them read for 30 minutes before bed.  However if they have a special request (like a cartoon movie) then I’ll let them watch it if they come up to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual.  Otherwise movies are only for the weekends.
So far we have watched the entire season of Star Trek Voyager and Star Trek Deep Space Nine together.  They really got into it and know all the actors.  They were really looking forward to watching it in the evenings with me too.  Then after that we started watching Star Trek the original series.  It is interesting for me as I actually haven’t seen many of those episodes.  The kids like it, but certainly not as much as Voyager and DSN.  We are on to season 3 now, and then I plan to show them a couple of Star Trek movies before starting The Next Generation.  I’m thinking that they will like that more as it is more recent.  They have a laugh at some of the special effects of the original series, but actually they did pretty good considering it is about 45 years old!My diet is just ok.  I’m struggling to actually eat 3,300 calories per day.  I’m trying to meet the goal by eating healthy stuff, but there is only so much fish, chicken and brown rice I can get down my throat each day without going crazy.  It is so tempting to get a quick 300 calorie fix by scoffing down a chocolate bar.  Yes I must admit I have succumbed.  However even eating one chocolate bar still has me struggling to get the rest of the 3,000 calories in.  I never thought I’d be complaining about having to eat so much!

I haven’t checked my weight or skin folds – I’ll do it this Saturday – however I’m feeling much better.  More energy of course.  I’m also doing some personal bests with my lifts at the gym.  Now that I’m eating 10% more calories than I need each day I keep reminding myself that the goal is to build muscle.  So I make sure I push hard at the gym to meet that goal.

I had a few nights of poor sleep early in the week, and my scalp psoriasis has really flared up.  More and more I can see a link between those two things.  Last night was much better, and hopefully tonight will be too.  I also have been struggling a lot with RLS during the morning.  That is not usual.  For some reason having to take a tramadol in the morning to control RLS really concerns me.  I’ll keep an eye on that.  Please don’t anyone suggest I have to cut out my coffee!

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