Absent – but not Disappeared

Apologies for the absence of new posts for the last couple of weeks.  I’m on holiday with the family.  I’ll be back to the grind next week and regular blogs will resume.  In the meantime – enjoy a few interesting links:

New Guidelines for Treating Psoriasis.  An interesting summary of the different meds available for treating psoriasis, and when to use them.

From Tom Venuto – does Chewing Sugar Free Gum all day help burn calories to lose weight?  Although it is exercise (moving your jaw) apparently it is not significant enough to reduce calories.  However it apparently does help to keep away cravings for many people (which is the reason I use it).

And guys, you’ll be laughing at this one – and probably nodding your head quietly in agreement – research shows that women get happy when their partner is upset / angry!  So when you see your partner doing something which you know she knows will provoke you, don’t let it get you upset.  She could be pushing your buttons just to feel a bit better!  Ha – that’s a bit of controversial research right there.

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