Can Aliens Cure Arthritis? Is Kim Kardashian an Alien?

A question which I must admit I hadn’t spent much time (ok, any time) thinking about is whether Aliens could cure arthritis.  Today however it did cross my mind as I read this article about a woman in Pennsylvania who claims she was abducted by aliens, who cured her arthritis. I presume it was rheumatoid arthritis since that is the most common, however since the article didn’t state exactly what kind of arthritis she had, I guess there is a chance it may have been psoriatic.

So can aliens cure arthritis?  I think that if an alien species has the technology to cross light years to our planet and effectively remain hidden (so that their existence cannot be verified), then it is likely that they have the technology to cure arthritis. Why would they take an old lady from Pennsylvania and cure her arthritis?  I have no idea.  If they have a cure for arthritis then why don’t they share it with the rest of the world?  Again I have no idea.  Logically if aliens exist and are here on the earth, and in a form that is able to interact with us (as this lady claims) then all bets are off on what their system of morality or ethics consists of.  Who knows what kind of thinking or system would drive their behavior.

Speaking of aliens, is Kim Kardashian an alien?  No, I don’t think she is as if she was then she’d have access to the psoriasis cure right?  Unless she is faking she doesn’t have the cure so we don’t discover that she’s an alien…… ohhhhhh….. that’s a smart move there.  I’d better have another sip of my LIIT.  So if she was an alien then perhaps she’d have the ability to manipulate her psoriasis?  Like, maybe, making it form cute heart shapes?Proof taken from here.

So if you happen to wake up in a strange place and “a tiny bright blue light like a star, but about the size of a snowflake, appears above you and slowly floats down”, my advice is to grab it.

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