Amazing Abs!

Apologies for the lack of posts.  There hasn’t been any amazing news coming up of late hence the dearth of new material.

Psoriasis is same as usual, i.e. some scalp spots and some redness appearing on my left knuckle (as it always does a few weeks out from my remicade).  My arthritis is good – with only lower back aches – especially in the morning – which again is typical of PsA.  I’m averaging about 3 tramadols per day to keep the pain tolerable as well as helping with the restless legs at night.

The kettlebell training is going very well, accompanied by the weekly judo/jujitsu lesson.  I managed to train on 6 days last week, and am planning on doing 5 days this week.  Funnily enough, I’m sleeping really well now.  I’m dropping off to sleep pretty quickly at around 10pm / 10.30pm, then waking at around 2am when I take a tramadol (as my experience has shown me I will wake at 5am due to pain), and then wake up feeling refreshed about 20 minutes before my alarm is due to go off.  I’m not sure exactly why I am now sleeping so well, and put it down to a combination of the kettlebells, healthy eating, as well as wool mattress cover I bought recently.  A couple of nights I have actually slept all the way through to the morning – something I haven’t done since my teenage years.  Of course then I woke with a really really sore back, but I was really refreshed.  I have stopped taking the celebrex at night as it wasn’t helping.  The rationale was that taking the celebrex before I went to sleep would keep me pain free through to the morning – but it didn’t work that way.  I still end up waking around 5am (if I didn’t dose with tramadol at 2am) with enough pain to stop me from sleeping.  No need to take an extra drug that doesn’t do anything.

I have been reading more and more reports about the evils of sugar and so have made a conscious effort every time I eat something to make a choice of choosing the item with the least amount of sugar.  I do love eating ice-cream though, and was flabbergasted when I stumbled upon a website with a recipe for not only no-sugar, but dare I say it “healthy”, ice-cream!  I kid you not.  The recipe was put up by a female bodybuilder who also enjoys ice-cream, and I found a whole bunch of great healthy recipes on her website.  Check it out here – click the “dessert” link.  I had never made ice-cream before but her descriptions of basically turning a healthy protein drink into ice-cream motivated me to make a special trip through the traffic jams of Bangkok last Sunday in search of an ice-cream maker.

And I found one!  In Siam Paragon they had a couple of models by Cuisinart, and a couple by Princess.  It appears that the more professional ones contain a refrigeration unit which will cool the mixture into ice-cream, while the cheaper models require you to freeze the apparatus first.  The Cuisinart models (which I learned are made in the US) were much more expensive than the Princess models (made in Holland).  In fact, the cheaper ‘freeze first’ model by Cuisinart was the same price as the all-in refrigeration unit by Princess!  So I made the plunge and bought the Princess model.  I’ve used it several times already and only have good things to say about it.  It is so easy to use, and also incredibly easy to clean afterwards too.  It is as simple as putting the ingredients together for my normal protein shake, putting it into the ice-cream maker and pressing a button!  Last night I threw in some Kalua coffee liqueur too for a treat, and it was delicious.

So, what about the incredible abs I hear you ask?  For those of you who want instant abs I found this to solve your problems.  Enjoy!

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