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Every time I get my Remicade my doctor checks my blood, checking among other things liver function, kidney function, and LDL cholesterol.  A year ago my LDL was 134 – which was a couple of points above normal.  The doctor … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook – Ban the Guns

Having lived in Asia for many years in countries where guns are not present in the community to the levels experienced in the USA, I have formulated a fairly strong opinion that the primary cause of the mass shooting problems … Continue reading

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Get Your Flu Shot

I saw a great little article from the national psoriasis foundation regarding taking extra care if one is on immunosuppressive medications such as remicade, enbrel etc.   It did remind me though of the nutjobs out there who believe that vaccines … Continue reading

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Jesus Lovers Are Usually Insane

I was not surprised to see an article today regarding a study just completed and reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry showing that spiritual people are more likely than atheists to have mental illness, take drugs, and a host … Continue reading

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The Evil Sugar Raises Its Ugly Head Again

I’ve blogged many times about how bad sugar is and the solid link between sugar intake and obesity (NOT fat and obesity!).  I read today on yahoo yet another anti-sugar study by scientists showing that it appears that sugar intake … Continue reading

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Government Approval to Subsidize TNF Inhibitors

Yesterday I read a great article about psoriasis patients in Hong Kong looking to get treatment subsidized by the government. Previously I worked in Hong Kong for around 4 years, and they have a great health care system offering universal … Continue reading

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Would You Like Butter With Your Coffee?

The other day I listened to Joe Rogan talking with David Asprey.  David is the author of the website.  Now I had heard briefly of “bulletproof coffee” in the past, so was interested to hear what David had to … Continue reading

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Turkish Get Ups

I’ve been pretty busy the last week.  Lots of interesting things to write about but so little time!  One thing that has been on my list for a while is how much fun Turkish Get Ups are.  Now TGU’s are … Continue reading

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How Much Daily Sugar is OK for Children?

I was very surprised to see an article on the front page of the local newspaper yesterday regarding sugar intake.  Well done Thailand for exposing the dangers of excessive sugar intake.  The article noted: Intense competition in the carbonated-drink market … Continue reading

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Neurontin for RLS

It works!  Well, it is working for me.  Finally I’ve found something that works for my RLS at night. I tried the 1,200mg and woke one time with RLS, however after upping the dose to 1,500mg I have had no … Continue reading

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