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Are Chronic Disease Patients Pill Hoarders?

Do you suffer from a chronic disease like arthritis?  Do you have a medicine cupboard full of pills?  I sure do. I think that having suffered in pain so many times over the years, and suffered the embarrassment that is … Continue reading

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Sugar will make you stupid. Really.

So regular readers will know that I’m not a proponent of sugar and strongly believe that if one wants to be healthy then sugar is the evil nutrient, not fat.  There are many links on this site to research articles … Continue reading

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Restless Legs and Neurontin

So in my last post I mentioned that I have started taking Neurontin to treat my restless legs rather than using Tramadol. That post was last Wednesday, today is Tuesday, so what has happened in between, I hear you asking. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Tramadol?

Ok, so last night I had my first dose of Neurontin to control my RLS instead of taking Tramadol.  Would it work?  I must admit I was highly skeptical that it would, and had my card of Tramadol pills next … Continue reading

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Ixekizumab Normalizes Mutant Psoriasis Genes

I copied the headline for this blog from the article here.   I have no idea how to pronounce Ixekizumab so please don’t ask me, however I think it looks great. It is wonderful that research continues on how to … Continue reading

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Neurontin for RLS

I posted previously about Horizant, a new drug for the treatment of Restless Leg Syndrome.  I mentioned that Horizant (Gabapentin Enacarbil) is not available in Thailand but Gabapentin is.  I have now found out that the brand name for the … Continue reading

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Cut out Sugar, Lose Weight

Another study came out this week showing the link between sugar consumption and weight gain.  In this case the study specifically looked at sodas and found: “the results strongly suggest that sugary drinks cause people to pack on the pounds” … Continue reading

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Colin McGinn’s Argument Against the Existence of God

Yesterday I mentioned my disgust with how religion holds back humanity.  I also mentioned that I had recently heard a great argument against the existence of God.  This argument comes via Colin McGinn being interviewed in a series called The … Continue reading

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What Will The Future Hold? Can 3 Parent IVF Cure Psoriasis?

I’ve blogged before about the exciting scientific developments happening every day in our world.  About how we could be very close to understanding (and replicating) a human brain and solving the issues of longevity and dying.  Recently I joined, … Continue reading

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Belly Fat More Important Than BMI

Earlier this year I blogged about my frustration at insurance companies and others using the Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine the health of individual people.  Basically, if you don’t meet the BMI for your height, then you are automatically … Continue reading

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