Does Batman Have Psoriasis? Psoriatic Arthritis?

I’ve been working on an explanation on why I use the “Batman” moniker and finally got it finished today – you can find it under the Batman Has PsA? tab above.

Apart from that, I’ve been feeling pretty good today.  I’ve noticed that my psoriasis on my scalp has got much better over the last couple of days – and believe it is because I have been sleeping much better.  I am amazed to see such a clear example of how stress can exacerbate psoriasis.  Of course it would’ve been much better if I took some pics!  Oh well, next time 🙂

My elbow psoriasis is probably better too – I’ll check tonight.  I can always do an update pic of that.  On the pain front the pain I felt in my left hand is much reduced today – so I’m hoping it is actually an injury from golf and not from a psoriatic arthritis flair.

Have a great day!

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