Bleghhhh. I’m INFECTED

Woke up this morning feeling like I’d been thrown off a small cliff during the night and had a hot broken glass & sand cocktail poured down my throat.

So I turned off the alarm, took a tramadol for my aching back, and went back to sleep.  I woke up again at midday.  I’m not sure if over sleeping counts when one is sick?  I know that sleeping too much actually raises ones blood pressure, amongst other negative effects, however I guess my body needed the sleep.

I still felt really bad (and still do – maybe it wasn’t a small cliff), but knew that I should eat something so that my body had some fuel.  I had already missed a meal (9.30am) and didn’t want to make it two in a row.  So I had some chicken and broccoli.  Forced it down.  My back was aching – probably from lying down for so many hours, so I stumbled into a chair in front of the TV and fired up the PS3.  I bought FEAR3 a few months back and hadn’t got around to playing it, and now I had time.  I managed to complete a couple of stages – and it didn’t disappoint in being a little scary with the FEAR music coming at times when the lights dimmed and visions of a haunted young girl appeared in the periphery with skeletons crawling on all fours.  Then suddenly all would be back to normal.  However after a couple of stages I felt quite nauseous, so switched everything off and crawled back to bed.

I just woke up — and I’m pretty sure the guy who poured the hot broken glass & sand cocktail sneaked back and gave me another shot while I was out,  because my throat now is sore enough to stop me from sleeping.  It looks like I can’t avoid the old faithful, dicodin.  The drug was originally designed for just my predicament, i.e. suppressing the cough reflex so that people with a really bad sore throat could sleep.  However one of the side effects of dihydrocodeine (for me) is to keep me awake, so I have been avoiding taking it.  Perhaps now that I’m sick then that side effect won’t be so prominent?  I guess I’ll find out.

So I don’t think I’ll meet my calorie target intake today, even though it is low anyway.  When I’m sick I struggle to eat.  I’m trying to dose up on extra vitamins and things like lactoferrin which I have lying around.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a training day.

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