Looking buff

I managed to have a much better sleep last night, and indeed the scalp psoriasis ‘feels’ better.  I’m becoming more convinced about the effect of stress on a flare-up.  I also had a good session (upper) at the gym yesterday, and having exercised my calf muscles (during warm up), they only ache a little today.  I have lower training today, so I expect that will help too.

I’ve had a couple of great comments the last couple of days – which really help with my motivation.  Firstly, a friend at the gym last night commented that I’ve lost weight.  I actually haven’t lost any weight (I still weigh about 210 pounds), however I have lost some fat – so I’m excited to think that this may actually be noticeable.  To myself I look the same.  Then today at work I caught up with one of my colleagues who I haven’t seen for some time and at the end of our conversation she changed the subject and said I was looking “very buff”.  Two compliments within 12 hours!  I wanted to paste here a suitable picture of ‘buff’, and Google images provided me with this:The comments have certainly helped on a day I really needed them.  I was informed today that I have to move offices on Monday – and unfortunately the office I have to move to isn’t as nice as the one I’m in now :(.  However I am a strong believer that all the things that happen in my life do so in order to move me into a better place, so I’m focusing on getting excited that this change is a prelude to some new and wonderful stage.

I’ve recently stumbled on an interesting blog of a fellow psoriatic arthritis warrior.  Her latest blog details how an ‘exclusion’ diet showed her items of food that made her arthritis flare.  Really interesting reading!  It is here for those of you who wish to know more.

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