Would You Like Butter With Your Coffee?

The other day I listened to Joe Rogan talking with David Asprey.  David is the author of the www.bulletproofexec.com website.  Now I had heard briefly of “bulletproof coffee” in the past, so was interested to hear what David had to say.

Now according to David’s website he describes himself as a “bio-hacker”, and explains he is:

“a Silicon Valley investor, computer security expert, and entrepreneur who spent 15 years and $250,000 to hack his own biology. He upgraded his brain by >20 IQ points, lowered his biological age, and lost 100 lbs without using calories or exercise”

Now from where I come from, anyone who is so grandstanding would be labeled with the “c” word, that sounds a lot like “blunt”.  So it is fair to say I was heavily skeptical when I first heard about Dave.  However with not much to do and several hours to spare, I lined up the podcast and listened in.

I quickly began to get interested in what David had to say.  He talked about a lot of things – which I don’t have the time to do justice to here – so encourage you to read more information on his website, or listen to / read the podcast here.

What I was particularly interested in was his talk about coffee.  Now I love my coffee and have espoused the health benefits of drinking coffee many times.  I take my coffee seriously and will buy ground up coffee beans which I use in my plunger.  No instant for me!  I take my coffee black with no sugar.

Now one thing I’ve noticed and been curious about is that some coffee will give me diarrhea and some won’t.  I always presumed that it was some flavor aspect of the coffee that was giving me the diarrhea, and so just avoided that particularly brand.  Interestingly, the coffee I buy from Starbucks will often give me diarrhea.

Well David made the startling claim on the podcast that there is a fungus / mold that grows on coffee and isn’t destroyed by boiling water.  This fungus produces mycotoxins which as the name implies, are toxic to us.  David stated that this toxin can affect among other things, our brain function.  Is this what could be causing my diarrhea?  I was intrigued.  David also stated that he added butter to his coffee each morning (mold-free coffee that is), and that the butter was very healthy as it gave a good supply of healthy fats setting himself up for top performance all day.

What?  Butter in coffee?  Is this guy insane?  No, he repeated that he takes butter in his coffee – but that it has to be non-salted butter from grass-fed cows.  He said that the fats in the butter makes the coffee taste creamy and wonderful.

Well, what did I have to lose?  The next day I tried the butter in my coffee and I must admit it was delicious.  I have been having butter in my coffee for just about 2 weeks now and do agree it tastes wonderful and sets me up for the day feeling wonderful.

I then started the next step of looking for some mold free coffee.  According to David, one should look for organic coffee grown on a single estate which are processed with clean cold water.   I considered buying some of his “bulletproof coffee” from his website, but balked at the cost knowing the amount of coffee I drink.  I did some research and found that pretty decent coffee is grown in Thailand up in the north, where it is cool and the climate is perfect for coffee!

So I looked online and found two estates that appear to meet the criteria for mold free coffee.  One of the estates produces a lot of coffee and didn’t have information on how they processed the coffee so I sent off an email and got a quick reply from one of the managers that 2 of their premium coffees were processed by cold water.  I also found that shops for both outlets were just around the corner from where I live!  How amazing is that!

So I bought some coffee on Tuesday evening.  I also bought a coffee grinder so I could grind the beans.  Note that on Monday and Tuesday I had diarrhea and had put it down to my remicade being due.  On Wednesday I tried the coffee.  Mmmmmmmm heaven.  Just ground coffee not only smells wonderful, it tasted soooooo good.  And guess what?  Yes I’m sure you guessed right, no diarrhea!  i was shocked.  Could it have been the toxins in the coffee (from the mold) that was causing the diarrhea all this time?  I was keen to try another day.  So today I had freshly ground “mold & toxin free” coffee and again, no diarrhea!

I am officially sold.

Now today I had my remicade infusion.  My doc also took my blood tests and while all my results were normal, my LDL did come back high at 156.  I immediately wondered if this could be due to the butter in my coffee.  I did a quick search and did read that many people suffer from raised LDL and Cholesterol when taking butter in coffee (and following a Paleo diet – which I am interested in trying) however also read that there is some controversy around the link between raised cholesterol and heart disease or metabolic syndrome.

So right now I’m undecided on what to do.  On one hand I feel amazing from the coffee and butter.  I really feel like my brain is performing better and I feel healthier.  On the other hand my years of science and medical knowledge are singing the mantra that high cholesterol is bad and I need to cut out fat from my diet.  What to do?

By the way, I weighed myself yesterday (as I knew they would ask for my weight to determine my remicade dose), and my weight was 90.6 kgs!  That is under 200 pounds!  Wow.  I can’t believe that the weight has just dropped off by stopping sugar.



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