Bye Bye Psoriasis

So it’s been a couple of days since my Remicade infusion and I already notice a great improvement in my elbow psoriasis.  I’ll take a pic tomorrow if I remember.   I still have some scalp psoriasis but it is also improved.  I am surprised as I’ve had very poor sleep for the past 3 nights.  I don’t know why, but even though I feel really tired during the day and turn in around 10 to 10.30pm, I can’t seem to fall asleep.  Each night I have still been awake at 2am.  Ugh.  It really sucks.  Usually this lack of sleep would make my psoriasis flare, but I guess getting the Remicade has really helped.  Still, I’m not sure why I can’t sleep.I had to get up early today even though it is Saturday, and felt really tired since I’d only had less than 6 hours of sleep.  It was tough at the gym to keep my energy levels up.  I ended up taking a little break halfway through my workout and had a protein drink and it really picked me up.  Maybe it was a lack of fluids?Some Thai guys who are competing in the bodybuilding competition in 3 weeks were also there, with Mike their trainer.  He was helping one guy and called me over to say hello, which was nice of him.  He introduced me to the guy he was training and mentioned that he is already at 5% body-fat.  Wow.  Apparently that guy is competing in the “classic body” class which is different from bodybuilding class.  Something about having to meet a weight restriction according to one’s height.  Mike said that he had about 22 guys turning up to practice posing, I was tempted to hang around to see how big these guys are, but didn’t have the time.

I also forgot to take my body-fat percentage today – but since I’m taking a 10% excess of calories I’m not so worried about it.  More calories are making me feel better.  Not sure if it is the calories or if it is psychological, but I’ll take it either way.

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