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Colin McGinn’s Argument Against the Existence of God

Yesterday I mentioned my disgust with how religion holds back humanity.  I also mentioned that I had recently heard a great argument against the existence of God.  This argument comes via Colin McGinn being interviewed in a series called The … Continue reading

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Want To Be An Astronaut?

Since I have a healthy interest in science fiction it is not surprising that as a kid I wondered what it would be like to be an astronaut.  Just imagine getting up into space and seeing the universe from there.  … Continue reading

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Working Like A Dog

Been really busy the last couple of days so haven’t had time to update.  Apologies to the minions!  Then again, if one is a minion then one doesn’t get an apology!  Apology retracted minions! There, I think that is enough … Continue reading

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Can Aliens Cure Arthritis? Is Kim Kardashian an Alien?

A question which I must admit I hadn’t spent much time (ok, any time) thinking about is whether Aliens could cure arthritis.  Today however it did cross my mind as I read this article about a woman in Pennsylvania who … Continue reading

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