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Best Way to Treat Sickness When Immune Suppressed

Well I’m still sick with this damned cold.  I thought that I’d broken its back and was over the worst a few days ago, however yesterday (Saturday) I woke up feeling terrible.  Sore throat, headache and flushes were back.  So … Continue reading

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Psoriasis Update

Well it has been a month or so since I gave an update on my psoriasis (and arthritis).  I guess I haven’t blogged about it because for me it is quite stable.  I don’t have any psoriatic arthritis – except … Continue reading

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Bleghhhh. I’m INFECTED

Woke up this morning feeling like I’d been thrown off a small cliff during the night and had a hot broken glass & sand cocktail poured down my throat. So I turned off the alarm, took a tramadol for my … Continue reading

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Amazing Medical Discoveries

In my last post I mentioned a recent article stating that perhaps the first person to live to 150 years has been born, and that soon scientists may be able to stop aging altogether.  That article is here. These last … Continue reading

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