Celebrex did the trick

Well, as I mentioned yesterday I was going to try taking a Celebrex last night to see if that helped me to not wake up in pain at 3.30am or 5.30am.  After work I went to the gym and trained legs (lower body workout).  Did front squats and a set of deadlifts, then headed for the leg extension machine.  For some reason quite a few of the machines were out of order, including one of the leg extension machines, and the only other one was in use.  The gym I use has been getting really popular over the last 6 months to the point now where it is absolutely packed after work.  My feeling is that they don’t really give a shit about the weights side of it – as they are seriously short of machines and don’t keep them in good order – and instead just focus on the cardio workshops.

When I workout I keep strict rest periods (1 minute), so if a machine I need is in use, then I jump to the next exercise rather than wait.  The guys in my gym act like typical newbies, or just “for show” gym bunnies.  In the case of the leg extension the guy finishes a set then just sits there for 4-5 minutes doing nothing.  Thanks for hogging the machine loser!

I ended up cutting out some of my regular leg exercises, however since it was the first time for me to train legs in 2 weeks, I think it ended up being just what I needed.  My legs weren’t up to a full strength workout.  I just about collapsed heading down the stairs after the squats!  And I’m really feeling it today.

So I headed home, dropping by the supermarket on the way to pick up some soup and wholewheat bread – as I had a craving for it.  My luck was in, they had a whole stack of French Onion soup – my favorite!  I haven’t found any for months and they had just got an order in, so I took them all.  Went home and made the soup, added 50gm of cheese for a protein hit, and slurped it up.  I was really sleepy – probably because of my poor sleep for 2 nights running, and even though I tried to stay awake, I ended up nodding off at 8pm.  Usually I try to avoid going to sleep early as I typically will wake up 2 hours later fresh as a button then have difficulty getting back to sleep.  Last night was no exception.  I managed to down the Celebrex after my soup – along with a Tramadol (for my restless legs).  I like to take the Tramadol a couple of hours at least before I sleep, as I find that it takes about an hour to kick in.

Anyway, as I mentioned I feel asleep at 8pm.  Then sure enough, at 10.30pm I woke up “wide eyed and bushy tailed”.  Also, my arms were giving me lots of trouble.  As I mentioned I suffer from restless leg syndrome.  It hasn’t been too bad lately, however there are a couple of things which make it worse, wine (crazy I know) and exercise after not exercising for a long time.  These are well know triggers – you can read more about it here.  So last night I had it bad in my arms.  It is not unusual for someone to get restless arms as part of restless legs syndrome – and I find I get it after hitting triceps hard.  So I woke with restless arms, and I knew that it would be very difficult to get back to sleep because of the arms and also because I went to sleep so early.  So I took another tramadol (for the arms) and waited it out.  By 11.45pm I was still not sleepy, and although the arms were better, they were still giving me a little bit of bother.  I wasn’t going to fluff around at that time of night – I knew that I needed to get back to sleep soon, so I took another tramadol, and also 10mg of diazempam.  That did the trick.  The next thing I remember is waking up at 6.50am to my alarm clock!

So my plan is to keep on the Celebrex for a few days, and then stop and see if the back pain returns.

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