Getting Closer to Copying Your Brain

Over a month ago I blogged about how scientists had discovered which part of the brain stored music memories.  I have a vivid imagination and often wonder about when scientists will discover the exact chemical makeup of memories (as that theoretically is what memories are – just different combinations of chemicals held in cells in our brains).  Taking it a step further, if we knew the exact chemical makeup of a particular memory, could we then duplicate it in someone else?  Ha, imagine giving a man the memory of pain of childbirth!  Or when nurses / doctors in the hospital ask someone injured about their “level of pain”, they could experience it firsthand!

If we knew how to duplicate the chemical make up of memories, then theoretically we could make an “image” of our brain, i.e. the totality of who we are at a particular moment in time.  If we died sometime after that then perhaps we could reload a blank brain with that earlier image?  However if we could do that, then we should also be able to make an exact clone of ourselves at a particular time, and we would have the same dilemmas as posed in the movie “the 6th day“.

There are all kinds of crazy possibilities.

So today I read that scientists have now discovered that it appears that memories could be stored in ‘packets’. If this is so then it may be easier to copy memories, as one would just need to duplicate the correct ‘packet’.

My fingers are crossed that we’ll continue to make new discoveries at such a breathtaking pace.

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