Computer Says “Cardio”

In the weekend I did my usual skin fold check to see how my progress to lose my belly fat was going.  You may recall in my last post on this subject I was frustrated as although my weight had gone down a bit, my fat had actually increased.  I decided to eat a higher combination of fat & carbs on my cheat day in order to get my leptin levels high so that my body would avoid being in “starvation mode”.  I consequently had a great meal of pizza and other goodies. Mmmmmmm.

Well, the following week (the 5th Nov) I was happy to see that my fat had dropped by 1 pound.  However I wasn’t ecstatic, i.e. I would have been happier if it was a little bit more.  Maybe I’m being a little too demanding.  So anyway, obviously things had gone the right way, so on my cheat day I filled my 3,400 calories with a high percentage of fat + carbs in order to boost my leptin.  Also, as I really would like to see more of a “speed up” in shifting this stubborn fat, I decided to do some cardio on 2 of the days where I’m not at the Gym (i.e. Monday and Tuesday).  On both those days I did about 40 minutes on the cross-trainer.

So come last weekend I was expecting to see at least the same results as the week before (i.e. one pound of fat loss), or hopefully, even better since I had thrown in some cardio.  Well, unfortunately I had lost nothing!  I was exactly the same percentage as the week before, i.e. 13.2% 🙁    Naturally I wasn’t happy.

However I was encouraged a little by an article that Tom Venuto put up regarding his quest for maintaining body fat percentage below 10% – so that he can see his abs, and that he has to constantly keep up with his cardio workouts as he is more of an endomorph body type.  That statement got me wondering if that is my issue, i.e. that I need to up the cardio.  I look ok at my current level, but my goal is to see my abs – and going from my last readings obviously I need to change something up.  So this week I’m going to step up my cardio to the next level and see if that makes a difference.  Previously I was worried about losing lean muscle through too much cardio, however my desire to lose some more fat is greater than my desire to keep every ounce of lean muscle.

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