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  1. travis says:

    i want to ask you do you still sale dermovate 30 gram?? i want to buy 2,,here is my email address

  2. Larry says:

    Howdy Batman!
    Thank you for sharing your history.

    I’ve been on the following:
    – Amivive — for 6 months – monthly injection (about $1000 per dose)
    – Remicade — for 12+ years (IV infusion every 8 weeks) – $6000 per infusion (700mg) [more about this below]

    While on Remicade for the first 9 years, I also took folic acid (vitamin) and methotrexate – to turn off my immune system so that Remicade would be more effective.

    I stopped methotrexate when my wife and I planned to do an IVF due to the risk for birth defects.

    Well, I was laid off in Dec 2016, and stopped taking Remicade for 6months. I had terrible arthritis which almost crippled me and an aggravated sciatica nerve. Doctors prescribed 30mg of predinose for 10 days (tapered down to 0mg) to calm down the sciatica nerve. I was put another another course of prednisone (30mg tapped down to 5mg over 4 weeks) when I started my Remicade infusions again.

    My costs in the US for remicade works out this way:
    $6000 – charged by rheumatologist to my insurance company (just the infusion, no doctor consultation, or lab work)
    Insurance pays $5000
    I pay $1000 (or less if I get aid from Jansen’s financial assistance program)

    Are you still in Thailand? Could you share the insurance company you use? Or recommend not using?

    My wife and I are planning to move to Philippines. We considered going from Philippines to Thailand for treatment. Would you recommend it?

    • The Boss says:

      Hi Larry, I am still on Enbrel – just 25mg per week – and it seems to be holding my arthritis at bay. I pay out of pocket so can’t advise on an insurance company unfortunately. I think you will find a decent hospital in the Phillipines to get treatment. From memory they have a good private hospital there called Asia International Hospital – although this was more than 10 years ago so the ownership may have changed.

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