Curing Arthritis with Stem Cell Therapy

I read an interesting article today on work being done to try and use stem cells to cure arthritis.  The particular research being done is focusing on osteoarthritis, however osteoarthritis has a lot of similarities with psoriatic arthritis (and rheumatoid arthritis too).  The research shows some positive results in animal studies, however it also notes that some studies have conflicting evidence.

I’m just happy that there is ongoing research into treating this disease.  If you are interested you can read about it here.

I also read a couple of interesting articles on Will Brink’s website.  One was on whether bodybuilding is “healthy”.  Of course this is a no brainer, and bodybuilding (i.e. working out and watching what you eat) is incredibly healthy.  In fact it could be argued that there isn’t anything healthier one could do for your body!  However, he did point out that actually competing in a bodybuilding competition does put a lot of stress on the body.  The body does not like having large amounts of lean muscle with very low fat levels – as this is very dangerous (i.e. no energy reserves).  So competing will have you feeling pretty bad leading up to the competition day.  However most people doing bodybuilding are doing it for the healthy benefits and not to compete.

Of course what Will is talking about is natural bodybuilding, i.e. not taking steroids.  Taking steroids is NOT going to be healthy for your body!  So in summary, if you want to be the healthiest you can be, then take up the bodybuilding lifestyle.  Seriously!  You can see the article here.

By the way, natural (i.e. non steroid) bodybuilders look terrific.  They look like this:Don’t these guys and girl look great?  You can look like this through hard work at the gym and eating properly.

Unfortunately the professional steroid taking bodybuilders have scared off many people, who look at them and think that ALL bodybuilders are like that.  We are not!  You can ONLY look like this if 1. you are genetically gifted, and 2. you take a whole lotta steroids!These are 2 Mr. Olympias facing off!  That is, what you are seeing is the pinnacle of professional bodybuilding.  These guys spend months building up to this one day, when they will look like this.  They use a roller brush to paint on a thick coat of brown oily paint.  They are only like this for the day.  Within a few weeks (and for the rest of the time out of competition) they actually look like natural bodybuilders – except for being way over proportioned.  So please don’t let pics like this put you off.  It is the rare exception – like an Olympic Gold Medalist.

The second interesting article I read from Will was about the best training program for increasing strength.  Apparently this is really “old” news, and the best program is mixing up your training.  I sort of knew this, but it did help me to read about it so clearly today, and the first thing I will do tomorrow is work out a couple of new programs so that I can put in place something like a 12 week cycle.  I.e. cycle through 3 or 4 different programs in the 12 week period, rinse and repeat.  I’m excited as I know changing things up like this also keeps my motivation (i.e. my interest levels) high.

Keep healthy people!

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