Cut out Sugar, Lose Weight

Another study came out this week showing the link between sugar consumption and weight gain.  In this case the study specifically looked at sodas and found:

“the results strongly suggest that sugary drinks cause people to pack on the pounds”

So what is the one most important step you can do if you want to be healthier?  In one study over 200 kids were divided into two groups with one allowed to drink sugary sodas and the other not.  Nothing else was changed.  After one year the sugary soda group all weighed an average 4 pounds heavier than the non-sugary soda group!  The Doctor running the study stated:

“I know of no other single food product whose elimination can produce this degree of weight change”

So you want to be healthier & lose weight?  Stop the sugar!

I like to drink a diet soda now and then, which of course does not contain any sugar.  Now I’m aware of some claims that diet soda has the same affect as sugary sodas (i.e. you will still gain weight) as the body reacts to the “sweetness”.  It was refreshing therefore to see this myth debunked.  The study noted:

“two other major experiments have found that giving children and teens calorie-free alternatives to the sugary drinks they usually consume leads to less weight gain”

As you probably know I cut out as much sugar as possible several weeks ago and where needed, replaced it with stevia.  I published in an earlier blog my recipe for sugar-free ice-cream, and it is still wonderful.  I have at least one serving everyday, sometimes 2!  Can you imagine being able to eat ice-cream everyday?  It is truly wonderful.  And guess what?  Without changing anything else in my lifestyle (i.e. just cutting sugar), my weight has dropped by just about 9 pounds (4 kgs)!  My waist has also dropped an inch.

FYI, I have tweaked the ice-cream recipe a little and here is my latest favorite.  Note, I love caramel so worked to come up with a sweet creamy caramel ice-cream.  Here it is:

  • Around 200 mls of low-fat milk (all the milk I look at has some sugar in it – naturally occurring I guess – and the lowest I could find was New Zealand Pure low fat which has about 2 teaspoons of sugar in 200 mls.
  • 1 scoop of casein protein powder.  I use French vanilla flavor, which I get through  Casein protein makes much creamier ice-cream than whey.  I have also ordered some hemp protein powder and will let you know how that turns out in ice-cream once it arrives
  • 1 teaspoon of stevia
  • 3-4 tablespoons of Da Vinci classic sugar-free caramel flavor

Today I had to go and have a quick checkup to get a medical certificate for my annual visa renewal.  My blood pressure was 126/73.

Cut out the sugar people!

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