Damn You Jittery Legs

I never thought I’d have trouble stuffing myself with food.  As you may know, I have been on a reduced calorie diet for quite some time (10 calories per pound of body weight) and decided recently that I’d squeezed the maximum benefit out of it and it was time to get my metabolism up to normal again.  I also wanted to give it a bit of a boost, so opted to go for about a 10% raise over my normal calorie requirements.  At 16 calories per pound this gets me to about 3,400 calories per day.  Seeing that previously I was on 2,100 calories per day this is a big jump.

I am also trying to get my 3,400 calories through healthy foods, i.e. chicken, fish, brown rice, wholewheat bread, eggs etc.  Man it is hard work!  Yesterday it was like I was always stuffing my face with food, and I only got to 2,500.  I think I’m going to have to throw in some “calorie dense” foods.  That translates to not so nutritionally valuable.  There is a ham quiche in Starbucks that has my name on it…..

Last night I took my usual 2 tramadol before I went to sleep, to ensure that my RLS would be kept away.  I had real trouble getting to sleep though, and finally drifted off around midnight, only to wake up at 1.15am with terrible RLS in my triceps!  Argh.  I was so damn tired but couldn’t sleep – so that = grumpy.  I took another tramadol, but the problem is that I know for me tramadol takes about 50 minutes to kick in.  So I looked for some acetaminophen to take too, to take the edge off.  It took me about 5 minutes to find some though, and five minutes foraging through the dark of drawers when I’m grumpy didn’t make me any happier!

I was still awake at 2.30am.  Damn RLS.  The crazy thing is I shouldn’t have got it in my arms as I didn’t train them yesterday – I did legs.  It is pretty unusual anyway for me to get it in my arms so I don’t know what was happening with my body.  Hopefully I’m over it.

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