Diazepam Dreams

Yesterday was cheat day!  I hit the gym and did legs in the morning, ready to do something amazing in the afternoon. I thought about taking the kids to the driving range for some golf, or taking them to a swimming pool at one of the fancy 5 star hotels.  I had visions of lying by the pool while the kids played, and being served long island ice teas by lovely hotel staff.  Instead I got home from the gym… and collapsed on the bed.  I slept for about 3 1/2 hours.  So much for doing something productive in the afternoon!  At least the kids went over to one of their friends’ house and had fun though.  Not sure why I was so tired – but I guess my body needed the sleep.

Since it was cheat day I ordered from one of my favorite restaurants – Indian Hut.  They do the most amazing curries and butter roti bread.  Mmmmmmm.  Although it is “cheat day” I actually only allow it to be a cheat day for the whole day for the kids.  For me I try to just keep it to a cheat meal.  It is also the only day I will drink alcohol during the week, so I had a couple of long island ice teas.  In order to preempt the restless leg syndrome I took a couple of dicodin.  In the evening the kids wanted to watch the movie GI Joe, so I threw that on.  It was actually much better than I expected, and the kids really enjoyed it.

Around about 11pm I killed the light and settled down to sleep.  However sleep wasn’t coming as my mind was too active.  I was thinking all about WORK and couldn’t get it out of my mind.  Ugghh.  What a downer thinking about work on a Saturday night!  I decided that I wasn’t going to put up with it, so took a diazepam.  It worked well and I drifted off to sleep.

However around about 2am I started having some vivid dreams – which I think was likely caused by the Dicodin / Diazepam combination.  Then again since it was over 8 hours since I had the Dicodin, probably more likely to be the Valium.  I dreamed I was in some kind of mixed martial arts fight, and my opponent had me pinned down and I couldn’t move.  I was trying to yell at him, and in the end my wife woke me up!  Apparently I was saying something incomprehensible in my sleep.  Bizzarre.  I don’t think I was quite with it after waking up, as I remember thinking that I should call my mixed martial arts friend in the morning to schedule some lessons on how to escape submissions.Speaking of submissions and MMA, I managed to find a bar that was open at 9am this morning to catch the last couple of fights of UFC 133.  I was really looking forward to watching Tito vs. Rashad.  It was a really great fight, and Rashad came through with the win.  Although lots of people were hoping that maybe Tito could get a fairy tale ending (since he’s at the end of his career) and get a win, I think that Rashad just has better skills.  The next big fight at light heavyweight is Rampage vs. Jon Jones for the belt.  I think that Rampage is not at Jones’ level, and will lose, which should set up a title match between Jones and Rashad.  That will be an awesome fight.

First day back at school tomorrow for the kids.  They are so excited – it is so heart warming to see them excited about the first day back.  One minute they really want to go back – right now, and the next minute they don’t want to go back!  Like puppies racing around a yard.

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