Disgusting Hair

The Psoriasis Foundation tweeted today about a function where they are offering free haircuts.  It got me thinking about the last time I paid to get my hair cut.  I quickly realized that I can’t remember, it has been that long.  Unfortunately avoiding the hairdresser is something familiar for psoriasis warriors.  Scalp psoriasis looks pretty nasty and no matter how strong your resolve may be, the looks of horror on the face of the hairdresser when they part your hair and see your psoriasis etches itself pretty deep in your mind.It just looks so damn horrible!  I’ve been fortunate that my wife is extremely talented so after I got married she took over the hair cutting responsibilities.  She has now been doing it for the last decade or so.

I do miss the professional cutting though.  What I miss is the routine, the passage through the hairdressers, and how relaxing that can be.  It was wonderful to be able to put everything else on hold, and have a team pamper your head for an hour or so.  First there would be the washing and shampooing, and they would always give a bit of a scalp massage.  Then you could just relax in the chair and let the hairdresser do their thing.  After I got psoriasis though I became too self conscious of the psoriasis and skin flakes.  When they did the scalp massage, rather than enjoy it I worried about an excess of skin flakes coming out, and the hairdresser wondering what kind of disease I had, and whether they could catch it.I also knew that no matter how I explained the psoriasis to the hairdresser, in the back of their mind they would be hesitant around the reddened areas.  After all, they didn’t really know me from a bar of soap, and how then could they take me at my word that it wasn’t contagious?  It was worse in Asia, as many Asians (particularly in China) are not adverse to exclaiming in a loud voice in the middle of a crowded hairdressers “Ewwww, what have you got in your hair?”.  Do you know what a crowded hairdressers’ sounds like when there is suddenly total silence?  I do.

So when the Psoriasis Foundation announced free haircuts, I smiled as I imagined all those psoriasis warriors being able to perhaps for once have a really relaxing haircut.  Go for it guys!

I’m sure that there are hairdressers out there with psoriasis.  That would be the ideal person to go to.  The problem is how do we find those people?  Advertising that your salon has a hairdresser with psoriasis wouldn’t get very far with the manager!

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