Evil Sugar

Yeah, I haven’t blogged for a while – sorry about that.  There have been a few interesting articles come up over the last few weeks but I’ve been too busy to have time to blog about it.  The kids are on holiday so when I get home I end up spending time checking their maths (trying to teach them division & multiplication) and then after kettlebells I just want to relax.

Anyway, today is a holiday in Thailand so I have some time to write!

I’ve been following a very interest blog for the last month or so by an excellent doctor from Canada regarding the obesity epidemic.  His name is Yoni Freedhoff and you can find his blog here.

Yoni is great at showing the terrible marketing tricks and unrelenting barrage of advertising of unhealthy food (containing lots of sugar) on kids.  It is scary to see how much big business really influences government so that dangerous sugar filled food continues to be made easily available to kids and healthy food is right off the menu.

For myself I’ve really been focusing on avoiding sugar as much as possible over the last few weeks and I’ve really noticed a difference.  I have more energy, I’m thinking more clearly, my health is good and I’ve lost some fat!  My ice-cream maker has been absolutely brilliant at helping me to stay on track.  I have some wonderful Dymatize ‘Rich Chocolate” whey protein powder to which I add a cup of low fat (and low sugar) milk and 2 sachets of stevia and throw that in the ice-cream maker.  After 50 minutes I have a huge bowl of rich creamy chocolate ice-cream which only has 3 teaspoons of sugar (from the low fat milk), 222 calories, 32 grams of protein and just 5 grams of fat. Yummy yummy.  If some of you are looking at the ingredients and thinking “hey, that is just a protein shake” then you are correct!  It tastes so much nicer as ice-cream though.

Now for those of you who are not convinced of the evils of sugar, the following contains great research about the effect of sugar on rocketing obesity and diabetes rates:




Note that the scientists are clear that the problem has been this huge scam by the food companies several decades ago that fat caused obesity and cardiac problems – which led to the “low fat” movement.  In order to make “low-fat” stuff taste great, they added truckloads of sugar!  You’ll see from the articles above that fat isn’t the problem at all, and no research has shown any credible link that fat is the problem.  Lots of evidence linking sugar to obesity and diabetes though!

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