The Exercise Pill

If you had the choice of getting healthy through going to the gym and eating healthy, or by just popping a pill, which would you choose?  Although it should be obvious that ‘popping a pill’ is the answer, I actually think that there are some gym freaks out there who believe that taking a pill would be ‘cheating’.

I read an article last week that scientists are getting closer to developing a pill that burns calories, or more accurately, have identified a hormone that burns fat and possibly may help build lean muscle.  If further testing shows that this hormone does work to burn fat safely, then we could be looking at a pill that does indeed keep the fat off.

Would I take it if it was available?  Hell yeah!  Sure, I get a buzz out of going to the gym and also have made a few friends there, however exercising takes up a considerable amount of time each week and if I could get that time back to use on other interests, then I would do it in a heartbeat.

I do believe that it is possible to keep fat off and get the benefits of exercise through a pill, and that it is only a matter of time before scientists get the right mix of hormones / chemicals.  I have blogged previously about how scientists believe that they are close to uncovering the secrets of cellular aging, such that the next generation may really live forever.  With a population which doesn’t die (and which also may not ‘age’) this throws up a lot of ethical dilemmas.  What will happen to those religions which have an element of “punishment at death for non-believers”?  Religion fills the role of “community provider” for many people, and I think that this aspect will remain, however I hope that the fear and manipulation inherent in so many religions will somehow be done away with.

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