Faster than Light Travel

Just the other day I was ruminating about scientists musings on how we could create a warp drive and theoretically travel faster than light.  You may recall that it involved bending space around a stationery spaceship.  Scientists propose that since the spaceship is not moving (instead space is being moved around it), we would solve the universal speed limit that “nothing can go faster than light speed”.

Well today many news agencies are carrying the story about how scientists at CERN sent sub-atomic particles at a speed faster than light-speed.  They (the scientists) are so shocked at this (since it shakes one of the very foundation laws of physics) that they have asked other leading scientists around the world to help them to scrutinize the results to see if any errors have been made.  So what would it mean if we discovered something that travels faster than light?  I guess it confirms that there is still a lot for us to learn about how our universe works.I still am so interested in knowing how gravity works!  Why does mass attract another mass?  What “invisible” cords of attraction are out there which cause this?  If anyone has a spare billion to set me up in a lab I would be very happy to work on it full-time!  Then again, it would take some awesome brain power.  In finding some suitable pics to add to this post I came across this interesting site.  I’ll have to spend some time reading it, but wanted to leave you with this gem of a sentence:

A rank 1 tensor is a first-order (once differentiated, e.g. da/db) differential summation, such as the divergence operator (sum of field gradients) or curl operator (the sum of all of the differences in gradients between field gradients for each pair of mutually orthagonal directions in space).

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