Feeling Unwell, Oh the Horror!

I’ve been feeling unwell the last couple of days. It isn’t a full blown cold or flu, but just a sore throat in the morning, a persistent headache, and aching body.  I’ve been dosing up on either paracetamol or a dicodin (first thing in the morning) and just taking it easy at work.  I’m not so sick that I need to stay home, but I’m certainly not at 100% and don’t feel well enough to be exercising.  However at times like this I do wonder if I am really sick or is it the “man flu”.  If you’ve heard of the legendary man flu then you’ll know it is a horrible, horrible disease.All men dread this manflu.  You can read more about the gory details here, although perhaps a more accurate portrayal can be found here :).

Fortunately I have a few friends and family around me who are all sick at the moment, so it is easy enough to believe that perhaps I have picked something up.  I’ve also resigned myself to the fact that I shouldn’t exercise this week, and that I shouldn’t suddenly put on 10 pounds of fat if I don’t exercise.  Actually it is more likely that I may lose some weight if I don’t exercise, due to muscle atrophy.

So be careful out there – watch out for that man flu….

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