Flaunting the One Pack

I’ve found it is good to take a picture and “put it out there” for all to see, so that there is a baseline for comparison in 10-12 weeks.  So yesterday I took a picture of my “one-pack”, and here it is.

As I mentioned yesterday, the plan is that in 10-12 weeks time I (hopefully) will have a bit more definition.  I’m shooting for the infamous “six-pack”, for the first time in my life. Bring it on baby!

I’m managing to keep to the plan – although it is indeed early days.  I went out to a restaurant with the family and friends yesterday to watch some sports, and managed to order salmon and salad for my meal.  No alcohol last week either.  I’ve found that the hardest place to avoid unhealthy choices is at work.  Colleagues are always offering me some food to eat – and being Thailand it is usually impolite to refuse.  I’m having to plead my way out of these situations, or in some cases just accept the food and quietly dump it later into a trash can.  On Friday last week it was my colleague’s birthday, and everyone in the office got a lovely piece of ice-cream cake.  Hmmmmmm.  Accepted with a big smile, and secretly wrapped and dumped later.

Eyes on the prize people.  I’m looking forward to sitting by the pool come Christmas Day (remember I’m in the tropics), flaunting a six-pack while eating ice-cream cake.

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