Get Your Flu Shot

I saw a great little article from the national psoriasis foundation regarding taking extra care if one is on immunosuppressive medications such as remicade, enbrel etc.   It did remind me though of the nutjobs out there who believe that vaccines cause all sorts of crazy diseases and that they are a government conspiracy to somehow cull the population or dumb us down.  How do these people even function properly in this day with such great access to good information?  I guess I should look no further than those who believe in religions though.  There is another group of people who ignore the copious amount of evidence out there that the religious books are just plain made up.  I’ve lost count of the number of my friends who will spout out “vaccines cause autism”.  They are just plain lazy.  How long would it take to type “vaccine autism hoax” into a browser search box?  Lazy.

Anyway, here is a great little article regarding 4 flu-shot myths.

Anyone who reads my blog will know that if you want to lose weight then you need to cut out sugar, not fat.  I’ve posted many articles with evidence.  Why is it that scientists are so slow though to acknowledge this?  My guess is that the sugar lobby (looking at you soda companies) are pulling out all the stops much the same as tobacco tried to stop the flood of evidence that smoking was bad for health.  So I groaned when I read that scientists in New Zealand published a study showing that cutting down sugar will help you lose weight.  You don’t say (said in a sarcastic voice).  Maybe the Internet is a little slow in New Zealand.

So keep up taking care of yourself, avoiding sugar, and smiling all day long.  It really does help to keep you happy and well.  I’ve taken to purposely smiling as much as I can when I’m walking around and I’ve found it really makes a big difference to my outlook.  In order to help me keep the smile I find I think of some joke or funny thing I’ve heard of recently and recall it to myself, which makes me smile.  You can’t help but be happy when you smile all the time.  I really don’t care if people think I’m crazy.  I tell you though, I really notice all the dour looking people around!

Keep smiling!happy

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