What Will The Future Hold? Can 3 Parent IVF Cure Psoriasis?

I’ve blogged before about the exciting scientific developments happening every day in our world.  About how we could be very close to understanding (and replicating) a human brain and solving the issues of longevity and dying.  Recently I joined 2045.com, an organization starting by a group of Russian scientists and business people who are serious about being able to create an “avatar” and upload one’s brain to it, by the year 2045.  I have no idea if they will be successful but I love the idea and want to keep track of it (and contribute if at all possible).

The group have broken the task into several steps and set deadlines for each one.  You can view the details on their website.  They also have great links to emerging discoveries, such as Microsoft filing a patent for a “holodeck” style gaming system.  All very interesting.

Today I came across two interesting discoveries, one of which has the potential to cure psoriasis.  The first discovery is that a group of scientists were able to implant a chip into a brain, to improve brain function such as memory.  The experiment was done on monkeys and the outcome amazing.

“Scientists have designed a brain implant that sharpened decision making and restored lost mental capacity in monkey”

Wow.  The potential for the future of a ‘Brain chip” is mind boggling.

The second article is regarding three parent IVF treatment.  This is a new treatment currently being researched in the UK and USA, and involves using the mitochondrial DNA from a 3rd party to fix an inherited disease in an egg of a mother so that she wouldn’t pass the disease on to her children.  Currently psoriasis isn’t on the list, but fatal heart problems, liver failure, brain disorders, blindness and muscular weakness are.  Britain has launched a public consultation to get feedback, and the treatment has already been approved and passed by a “medical ethics panel”.

I think this is wonderful news.  If I had the choice to have my wife’s eggs undergo some treatment so that I knew my kids would never develop psoriasis I would sign up in a heartbeat.  This is exactly what science is looking to do – improve lives and our standard of living.  I must admit though that as I was reading the article I had a feeling of dread that the religious nuts would make a hue and cry about it being “against the will of god” or some such nonsense.  Yes – sure enough I read further on:

“Some pro-life campaigners have already criticised the scientific research, saying that creating embryonic children in a lab abuses them by subjecting them to unnatural processes”

Argh.  I’ve written before about how I strongly believe that religion is holding back humanity.  We see it everyday in the stupid wars, violence and death instigated in the name of someone’s religion or due to “offense”.   For a logical person such as myself there is so much evidence against the possibility of a “god” existing.  It is so hard for an indoctrinated person to have the confidence to truthfully examine the evidence when the answer could mean a total disruption and change in the way they live.  That is very scary for many people, and for good reason.  I long for the day when people put their values in things that are concrete and secure, such as family, friends and things that make one happy, rather than religion or the church.

I heard a wonderful argument recently against the existence of god and will post it separately since it is so long.  It is a very interesting read.

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