Good Sleep = Less Psoriasis

Today I was back at work.  However that is not the reason for the post (but I thought I’d throw it in there for the sympathy vote).  The reason is that my psoriasis is much improved.  It has just about disappeared from my scalp – it is difficult to see what remains, but easy to feel.  There is also a little bit left in my right ear.

The patch on my left elbow is much improved too.  I was trying to fathom why this could be.  Firstly I realized that typically I wouldn’t know that there had been improvement, as I have never kept records.  It is only because I’ve started this blog that I have a record, and thus know it has improved over last week.  So I’m trying to work out what is different between early last week and this week.  Either it is my Remicade kicking in, it is the effect of having decent sleep for a week, or my wife has been sneaking steriods into my breakfast.  My Remicade was about 3-5 weeks ago (note to self: confirm date of last Remicade infusion) so I’m thinking that any improvement from that would have happened much earlier.  I’m not growing any man-boobs so I don’t think I’m getting steriods in my cereal, so that leaves improved sleep.  Wow, I never knew that getting proper sleep would have such a good effect on reducing my psoriasis.

I’m working on some psoriatic arthritis related information to stick up on the blog as a resource for all the psoriatic arthritis warriors out there.  It may take a while to complete it, so I’ll probably put up a working draft first.

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