Have a Great New Year Holiday

To all my regular readers – have a great new year holiday!  To all the other non-regular readers – why aren’t you a regular reader?!

Yesterday was Christmas day and so I naturally had far too much to eat.  I had to attend a party at lunchtime, and then another in the evening, both of which had copious amounts of food and drink.  I was absolutely stuffed all day.  Fortunately I didn’t drink too much so am feeling ok today.

I’m now on a break for 2 weeks and will be traveling up country to have a look at few places in Thailand that I haven’t seen before.  My RLS has been better the last few days, so I’m wondering if the low carb diet (or more accurately high fats and proteins) did indeed cause it to get worse.  In any case I am thankful that it has settled down again to normal levels.

So, have a great break.  Relax.  Spend time with good friends and family.  Don’t sweat the small stuff – just put it out of your mind.  The important thing in life is to enjoy it – so whatever stops you from doing that just put it to the side.

See you next year.

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