Back to the Gym

I’m going to the Gym today after a 3 week break, and it is great.  My motivation is back and I’m actually a little excited about it.  I plan on just taking it easy for the first week in order to avoid DOMS.  I am back to my normal schedule of training Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, although I’ll have to miss the session this Saturday as I have a wedding to attend.  I have already changed my diet back to 5-6 meals per day, focusing on lean protein with vegetables and fruit etc.  Since I’m back at work I’ve found it easy to slip right back into the routine.  I guess work is distracting so actually when I’m on holiday it is difficult to keep to healthy eating while quite easy when I’m doing the 9-5.

The plan is that I’ll start back at the Gym with the Poliquin accumulation routine – spend about 3 weeks on that and then switch to the intensification routine.  Last Saturday DARE put on another MMA fight at the local nightclub Insomnia.  The fights of course were amazing – it is always a much different feeling seeing a fight live – however one of the highlights was meeting the guys at the Dymatize stand.  The guy who is the official trainer of the Thai bodybuilding team has something to do with Dymatize in Thailand, maybe he is a franchise owner, and so he was there along with this huge mountain of a man who I found out was from Australia.  Apparently he has fought in the K1 and also in some Thai movies.  I spoke with him and he was a really nice guy, smiling all the time while taking thousands of photos with all the people there.  He told me he is 6 foot 10 inches.  I tried to Google and find out his name – without success.  Here’s a pic – sorry about the poor quality – the light behind didn’t help, and the “taker” was a little shakey due to imbibing several beers:

Anyway, I had a chat to Mike (I blogged about him before) about training, and asked about the best cardio to do.  He right away said treadmill walking.  I didn’t have time to ask him why, however I guess it is because it is the least ‘destructive’ to lean muscle tissue.

I’ve read some really interesting websites over the last couple of days, and will list them here in case you have some time and want some interesting stuff to read.  This article is really scary.  It is the true testimony from an Algerian who got kidnapped by the CIA one day in Bosnia and held for 7 years in Guantanamo Bay without charge!  Finally a judge ruled that he shouldn’t have been held!  Wow.  Can you imagine if you were suddenly grabbed off the street one day and held for 7 years being tortured, and then told “sorry it was a mistake”?  Crazy.

This article shows that if one biologic doesn’t work, or if the one you are on stops being effective, then you should switch.  Even if you go back to a biologic which stopped working previously there is a chance it could be effective again.  Good news.

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