Gym update

Gym workouts are going well.  As mentioned previously I do 4 workouts per week, upper/lower split.  So I train all body parts twice per week.  I went on to this split about 6 months ago after reading Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed.  I used to train each body part just once a week.  I’d typically go to failure and then be sore for 5-6 days afterwards.  I erroneously thought that I shouldn’t train with muscle soreness.  I guess I believed that soreness equated to muscle growth.

After reading bodybuilding revealed I wondered how people could train each body part twice a week, when I experienced prolonged soreness for so long.  I presumed that perhaps they weren’t training as hard as I was.  Yeah, I was making a lot of presumptions.  Anyway after purchasing Bodybuilding Revealed I was able to access Will’s forum, which has a ton of great information.  Really excellent resources.  I found a thread there talking about muscle soreness, and one of the experts was saying that soreness did not necessarily mean muscle growth!

So I decided that I’d just try the 4 day split.   I decided to train Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Sunday.  I alternate upper and lower, so for the first week I’ll do Upper on Wednesday and Saturday, and the second week I’ll do upper on Thursday and Sunday.  Just to mix it up.  So I started with upper on Wednesday, and sure enough when Saturday rolled around I was still really sore.  Anyway, I still trained, but not so heavy that there were any sharp pains.  After just one week my body had adapted!  I couldn’t believe it!  All those years of only doing one body part per week.  Man I am a slow learner sometimes.  So now I train all body parts twice per week, I don’t get much soreness now, and I’ve experienced a lot of muscle growth!

My shirts are now too tight across the shoulders and arms, so I’m having to buy some new ones, and my good friend last week at a restaurant last week out of the blue said that my arms look much bigger!

Just gotta get the fat percentage down so I can see those Abs!  Plan is to start regular cardio next week….. mind you I told myself that last week…. now I’ve got my fingers crossed…. really!Ahhhh, no this isn't me!

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