Hangover? Dicodin is Your Friend

Last night I was delighted and excited to be able attend the 2nd live MMA fight ever in Bangkok.  It was an event put on by DARE – you can read about it here.  It was my first time ever to attend an MMA fight live, and as a warm up I went to the weigh-ins on Friday.  The crowd wasn’t too big at the weigh-ins, however the MC was pretty good at creating some excitement, and I enjoyed seeing all the fighters standing off for pictures etc.  There were 14 fighters, and 2 missed weight, one by 700 grams, and another by 1.5 kg (they used the metric system).  Apparently there isn’t any 1 pound allowance like in the UFC; the fighter has to come-in under (or on) weight.  The fighters came from Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, South Africa and Korea.  The Korean was the one over by 700 grams, and so he stripped naked and tried again, this time coming in just 100 grams over (just under 1/4 of a pound).  It was quite funny as no-one had thought to bring in some towels to shield the fighter in case he had to strip.  So some guys took off their T-shirts instead to use to shield the naked Korean.  In the end the opponent accepted the 100 grams, so the Korean didn’t have to lose the extra weight.  However the other guy who was 1.5 kg over had to go to the sauna to lose that weight.

On Saturday I hit the gym in the morning, running on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then doing a lower workout.  I again saw some of the Thai bodybuilders preparing for the Asian Championship next week.  To me they were looking awesome, but their trainer (Mike) said that they are all on zero or extremely low carbs right now, and won’t look their best until they carb load right before the competition.  Something about the muscles then getting engorged with glycogen.

The doors opened for the MMA show at 3pm, and the first fight was to be 4pm.  However the cage didn’t arrive on time, and so the doors didn’t open until 4.45pm, and the first fight I guess was around 5.30pm.  The fight was held inside the Insomnia nightclub – which I guess could hold about 300 people max. I had bought a VIP ticket, which allowed me to stand on a raised part of the nightclub, and I ended up with what turned out to be a great position, right beside the entrance to the cage.  I could see the fighters coming in (and was close enough to touch), and also had a great view of the action.

The VIP ticket allowed one free drink, and also free food (they rotated snacks around).  Actually drinks were pretty cheap (99 baht each) and I had a lot of Jack/Coke.  A lot.  I think by the end of the evening I was well into double figures.  At the fight there happened to be a stall promoting a protein drink, and they had some of the Thai bodybuilders there helping to sell it.  I was pleasantly surprised to see some of the guys from the gym there.  Here is a picture of me with them.  The big guy really makes me look skinny!The fights finished about 8.30pm.  By that stage I had a bit of a buzz on from all the Jack, and was feeling pretty good.  However since I wanted to get up early today to catch the UFC live (it started at 8am Bangkok time), I headed home rather than stay out for a few more drinks with my buddies.  It was a wise decision!  I guess the combination of cardio and workout really made the Jack hit hard, as come this morning I felt pretty hungover.  I haven’t felt this bad for a while.  However it is amazing how much a couple of Dicodin will help.

So today I’m taking it easy.  I was meant to train upper today, but will let my body recover instead.  I’m also working on revamping my workout routine.

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