Infection Risk No Higher on TNF Inhibitor

I had always thought that people taking a biologic would be more prone to getting sick, since theoretically the TNF inhibitor suppresses the immune system.  However a study out today shows that this is not the case.  It shows that the infection risk is no higher for those people on a TNF inhibitor.

However the study goes on to report a high rate of “serious infections” in patients with a TNF inhibitor – particularly those on remicade.  I’m not really sure how to read that – and the article doesn’t explain it that well.  Or perhaps I just haven’t had enough coffee today.  Maybe it is saying that even though the the infection risk is no higher for people taking a biologic, those who do get an infection get it “more serious” than people not on an inhibitor?  This would make sense since if the biologic is suppressing the immune system then it is “weakening” your internal army that fights any illness.

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