Ixekizumab Normalizes Mutant Psoriasis Genes

I copied the headline for this blog from the article here.   I have no idea how to pronounce Ixekizumab so please don’t ask me, however I think it looks great.

It is wonderful that research continues on how to cure psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.  Although Ixekizumab, if it successfully passes all clinical trials, is not theoretically a cure (rather an effective treatment) I think it still helps us get closer to a cure.  For a cure I mean finding out why one’s genes is producing an excessive amount of interleukin-17.

I’ve blogged before about Google’s driver less car and how I think it is a great thing.  Just imagine if it was law that everyone had to use driver-less cars – no more assholes cutting in or breaking road rules – no more speeding and accidents through driver error.  Bring it on I say.  Anyway, I see that California has just passed legislation allowing driver-less cars.  My vote goes to you California.

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