Kettlebells for Health

I blogged back in May about how I had bought some kettlebells and had started working out with them as well as training Judo (jujitsu) once per week.

Both are proving lots of fun.  I started my kettlebell workouts doing the Extreme Kettlebell Cardio workout as I heard about it via a Joe Rogan podcast.  I began using my 24 kg kettlebell (53 pounds) and it was waaaaay to heavy (as I mentioned in my previous blog).  The only other suitable kettlebell I had was a 15 pounder which I had bought for my wife to use, so I used that instead.  The Extreme Cardio workout is split into different sections, and believe it or not I still could not complete one section without resting, using just the 15 pounder!  I had my kids do the exercises with me and they couldn’t finish one complete section using just body weight.

So I bought another easier workout (rated 5-6 out of 10), again on the suggestion of Joe Rogan, and found it is a really good workout.  I highly recommend it.  It is the “Health & Well-Being Kettlebell Workout w/ Pre-Sports Mobility Warm-Up” by Steve Maxwell.  It has 10 minutes of warm-up which really gets the blood moving and then 20 minutes of continuous exercise.  I manage to do the whole routine using a 35 pound kettlebell (which I recently purchased).  I find that 30 minutes (the time it takes to do this workout) is perfect for getting me a good intense workout without getting bored.  Since it is just 30 minutes I can also workout every day if I want.  Breaking it up with Judo training is making exercising really fun.  Last night I bought and downloaded another video by Steve (Me, My Kettlebell and I) which is high intensity interval training.  The workout is 20 minutes long so I did the warm-up routine first from the Health & Well Being video before launching into “Me, My…” and again, had a really good 30 minute workout.  It really is great being able to workout at home, and great to see my kids and wife getting into it too.

I was delighted to read an article on Yahoo today that confirmed that I’m doing the right things in regard to exercising.  The article is on 7 rules you should break regarding working out, and refers to recent studies that include recommendations such as:

  1. Weight training (includes Kettlebells) is a better fat burner than cardio
  2. Don’t stretch for 10 minutes before working out, instead do a dynamic warm-up

I’ve known about these facts for a while, and it is good seeing them finally getting printed as mainstream news.

Unless that kettlebell is made of plastic, I don’t think she really uses it to work out with!

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