So You Want to Live Forever?

Anti-aging is now a huge business.  There are lots of potions, creams, pills and even “lifestyles” espoused all promising to not only add years to your life, but more importantly for the majority of people, make you look younger!  I have blogged before about how researchers expect that the first person to live to 150 may have already been born, and that the next generation may live forever.

How many of you have heard the following joke?

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, red wine in the other, body thoroughly used, totally worn out and screaming — “WOO HOO, what a ride!”

I’m guessing that it has ended up in your mail-box at sometime.  Even though it is a joke, how many people have thought “yeah, that is what I want to do”, and then used it as justification to continue eating unhealthy, avoiding exercise and making unhealthy choices?  Sadly, I’m worried that a lot have.

The reality is considerably different to the vision implied by this joke.  Ironically, the only way that one could guarantee that they’d have the energy to “skid in sideways” is if they participated regularly in exercise!  By avoiding exercise and healthy eating (i.e. preserving the body) you radically increase the odds that you will suffer from disease and debilitation when you get older.  You probably know already that many researchers are stating that for the first time in history the current generation may actually not live as long as the previous generation, due to a more unhealthy lifestyle – principally caused by obesity.  Rather than living out one’s final years in good health and happiness, this is happening to more and more people:

I can’t see this guy sliding sideways into a coffin anytime soon, with chocolate in one hand and wine in the other.  More likely he is thinking that perhaps he should’ve taken more care of his health when he was younger.

So then, what is the key to longevity? I read a long article yesterday which does a great job of summarizing the issues, theory and research around aging.  It is rather technical in places, so in case you don’t get to the end I’ll let you know the summary here.  Actually, I’m sure you have already guessed!  Yes, it is our twin friends healthy eating and exercise!  Folks, this is PROVEN.  So before you fool around with alternative therapies, creams, lotions or pills (which are unproven), make sure that you are already eating healthy and exercising.  This will give you the highest chance of being the WINNER, i.e. getting into your elderly years in great health, with lots of energy and thus the ability to really ENJOY life.

It isn’t rocket science people (although the marketing bods from the expensive anti-aging treatment places would like you to believe it is).  I mean look at the following pics, one of a typical young fellow in today’s society, and one of an older person.  Which do you think is more likely to be able to slide into that coffin sideways?  This guy:

Or this guy?

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