Do You Want To Live Forever?

As regular readers will know I have an interest in science and in science fiction.  I’ve blogged before about “what if” scientists are able to map the chemical reactions and structures in the brain which contain our memories and are able to duplicate those structures in a synthetic construct.

Yesterday I read an article which really made me pause and say “wow”.  Apparently scientists from Osaka University in Japan have discovered a protein which if “turned off” stops cells aging!  The article states:

“Having established the protein’s true role, however, the scientists claim they have also learnt to control it, almost completely blocking cells’ ageing process. The discovery, they claim, could easily become a key to everlasting life.”

Currently they cannot just “turn off” the protein as it would render a human without any immunity (at least it would help those of us suffering psoriasis / psoriatic arthritis!), however as the article states they have really only just begun working on this so in time a solution will be found.

What happens if they are able to come up with a “vaccination” which indeed stops our cells aging?  Would you take it?  Can you imagine never again having to worry about dying through getting old?  This is something which now looks very possible (if the press release is accurate) and debate is sure to happen regarding what we do with a population where people don’t die anymore, and what we do about keeping people physically safe (as death could still happen through physical injury).  Related to this I really believe that as science progresses we will gradually come up with cures for all the physical ailments in the world.  What will we do with a 100% healthy non-aging population?

We are living in arguably the most exciting period ever of human history.

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