Lose Some Weight, Jelly Belly

I’m still sick, however feeling a lot better today.  I think spending a lot of time in bed yesterday and eating well has helped my body to focus all its resources on kicking the butt of whatever is affecting me.  If I continue feeling like this I should be ok to get back to work tomorrow.

Today I read a really interesting article about a guy doing an experiment on weight gain/loss.  Drew is a personal trainer who decided to get overweight in order to experience what it is like for his clients to be obese, and then get back into shape within 6 months.  So overall it is a year project, i.e. six months to get out of shape, and then six months to get into shape.  Right now he is at the 5 month mark, and it is really interesting to see how poorly he is feeling!

I can vouch that being overweight really does play havoc with one’s hormones and raises the chance of depression.  So if you are overweight and would really like to do something about it, get on over to Drew’s blog and follow his story.  Just think, in about 4 weeks time he is going to start the reverse trip, going from obese to ripped.  What is stopping you from taking the journey with him?  You could follow exactly the same diet and exercise routine as him, and in just six months not only have a wonderful looking body, but also be feeling much better about yourself, healthier, sleeping well etc.  This is the perfect chance for you to have a ‘buddy’ to help you along to a ‘better body’.

If you are overweight and feeling awful about it, Drew’s blog is confirmation that it is the extra weight causing it!  Drop the pounds and you will have a radical change in hormones and your mood will improve.  Drew goes into detail about how his mood swings are terrible now, he is addicted to garbage food, he feels awful about himself, his blood pressure is up, he struggles to walk up stairs etc. etc.  It is a really interesting blog and for sure I will be following him over the next 7 months to see how he goes.

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