Maximum 6 Months to See Your Abs

Drew has finally finished his one year experiment and put his results up for all to see.

If you are asking who Drew is, you can see my first blog post about him here.  Drew is an American guy who was in wonderful shape and decided to let himself go for 6 months and then see if he could get back into his original fit shape in another 6 months.  He documented his journey as well as lots of other useful information on his website

I think his website is great as for the 6 months he spends getting into shape he writes in detail exactly what he eats each day as well as what exercise he does.  Therefore it is simple for anyone who is obese or overweight to simply download the menus and exercise schedules and follow them in order to also get into shape.  Many people are doing this right now.  Drew starts off very slow at the beginning as he is grossly overweight and doesn’t have much energy, and slowly ramps up the intensity over the 6 months.

I really looked forward to logging in at the end of each week to see Drew’s progress video where he showed himself weighing in and measuring his hips and stomach.  Unfortunately about 6 weeks out from the end of his scheduled 6 months which was to be May 5th, he suddenly blogged that he was “going dark”.  What this meant was that he stopped doing the weekly progress updates as he had some deal with a TV station and was going to do a big “reveal” on the appointed day.  Except that it wasn’t to be on the appointed day.  The TV “big reveal” was scheduled for early June!  Drew told all his followers not to worry, and that he was still recording progress videos each week and would post them all up once the reveal was over, and he has indeed done this.  You can find his videos on his website.  However I think that Drew lost a lot of credibility by selling out to the TV station.  He claims he didn’t get any money for the TV appearance, which has me shaking my head wondering just why he ruined the wonderful thing he had created.  He had a wonderful pure concept and garnished a huge amount of respect from people like me, yet he threw that away in order to meet the request of some TV station – which wasn’t even paying him??  He could have continued with his original plan and published the videos each week, and still done a “big reveal” in early June which would have hit all the people who weren’t following his website.  I’m still scratching my head.

So you can see his videos up, however to be frank he may have done it in 7 months rather than 6 months, as he didn’t reveal anything until one month after his planned ending date.  I blogged in November that it seemed that 6 months seemed to be a pretty aggressive target to lose his remaining fat. In the worst case scenario 7 months is still a pretty short time frame to go from grossly obese to six-pack ready.  So well done Drew.

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