A Mixed Bag

Well, nothing noteworthy happening recently.  I guess.  Let’s see.  I haven’t been happy with my fat loss so decided to focus on reducing carbs this week to see how that goes.  I’ve never been on a low carb diet before and am interested to see the results.  I thought I’d do two weeks of very low carbs before Christmas and see if there is any change.  It is nice to be able to not worry about fat content when I’m eating, however I’m finding it really difficult to find a range of low-carb food items in Bangkok.  I’ve been through several supermarkets and they just don’t focus on the low-carb range like in the West.  Everything here is “low-fat”, which means high in sugar.  At the moment I’m eating lots of meat, cheese, eggs and some cream.  It is the first time I’ve had cream in I don’t know how long, and it puts a smile on my face.  I only have to keep this up for two weeks so it isn’t too difficult a task.

Some people note that low carbs saps them of energy in the gym, and I must admit I lacked a lot of motivation when I was in the gym yesterday.  I’m not sure though if it is because I need a decent break from training, or whether it is the low carbs.  Interestingly, last weekend (not this weekend) when I did my weigh in I found that I had dropped 4 pounds over the course of the week (from Nov 26 to Dec 3).  My fat levels were the same, so it means I lost both muscle and fat.  Apparently one symptom of over training is a large drop in weight, so perhaps that is what has happened.  I’m currently following a workout routine I put together of Vince Gironda favorite exercises, and a workout only takes me about 30 minutes.  I then spend about 30 minutes doing some cardio (not intense).  I’m planning on taking at least one week break from the gym over Christmas / New Year.  I’m also planning on breaking my low carb dieting at that time too.

My fat levels haven’t changed over the last week, however I do have doubts about my caliper reading technique.  Visually, I think my waist does look more defined.  I guess I should take some measurements.  I plan to take a picture at Christmas to compare it to the one I took several weeks back, to see if there is any visual change to my abs.

I have had a nagging headache over the last two days.  Not sure what is causing that.  Does low carbs cause a headache?  Guess I’ll have to Google it.

Here in Thailand we had a great view of the eclipse last night.  First time I’ve been able to see one so clearly.  I also saw an interesting article on yahoo of a phenomenon spotted off the side of the planet Mercury.  Apparently a burst of radiation from the sun highlighted some hidden object that appears to be about the same size as Mercury.  You can see it here, where the guy thinks it is evidence of a cloaked spaceship.  If it is then it would be a huge kick-ass spaceship, being the size of a planet.  In the article some scientists speculate that it is just the suns energy hitting the “wake” of Mercury’s travel through space, however logically I think if that was the case then it should be happening all the time (i.e. every time energy from the sun gets to that spot).

In other news, my Doctor replied that my testosterone levels are “normal”, however she didn’t give me the exact reading, which is what I want.  Hopefully I’ll get that next week so I can see exactly where in the normal range it falls.  The normal range is quite wide, and someone with a low normal will certainly feel different than someone who is at the high end of normal.


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