Mother’s Day – LIIT Dilemma

Tomorrow is the Thai Queen’s Birthday, which for Thailand also means it is Mother’s Day.  Lucky for me it is a public holiday so a long weekend!  So I’m faced with a self control dilemma.  Since it is a holiday tomorrow I’m tempted to relax at home tonight with a Long Island Ice Tea.  Theoretically I should wait until Saturday (my cheat day).However I could justify it if my calorie intake today is less than budget.  Who am I kidding, there is no way that I could justify it that way.  My current calorie budget during the week is approx. 2140 calories per day, and I’ve been hitting that every day (not exceeding it though).  However I have done cardio twice this week – and that was not planned – so perhaps I could squeeze in one drink…..  I’ll see how the fortitude is once I get home from the gym tonight.

Yes, I actually woke up at 5.40 this morning – before my alarm clock rang!  Got up and did 45 minutes of cardio.  So a good start, and my fingers crossed it will continue.  As I mentioned above tomorrow is a holiday, but I’m only planning on sleeping in until 6.30am.  I don’t want to sleep too late and get out of routine too much.  Since tomorrow is Thai Mother’s day I had to do some research today on what Thai kids traditionally do for their mother.
Children prostrating at the feet of their mothers during the ... on TwitpicAs you can see (if the pic shows ok) is that children prostrate at the feet of their mother and present them with a garland, after which their mother says a blessing over them.  So I got some garlands today and will get the kids to do the right thing tomorrow.

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