Motivation at Zero

It has been a few days since my last post and that isn’t from a lack of interesting material, but rather from a lack of motivation.  It has been strange – in the last few days I just haven’t been motivated to do anything other than lie on my bed and play video games.

I’ve been trying to work out where the source of this laziness is coming from but haven’t been able to get to a solution.  There are a couple  of suspects – firstly I have been on reduced carbs for over two weeks now, so perhaps it is that?  Since I’ve never been on low carbs I’m not sure if that is the reason or not.  I’m also not on zero carbs, but just reduced carbs, i.e. I try and keep my carbs to a total of about 30 grams per day.  Then there is my testosterone level.  From my last post you would have seen that my testosterone level is at the level of an 85 year old.  Is that affecting my motivation?  I know for sure that the knowledge that my testosterone level is at the low level of normal definitely affected my mood.  What is the opposite of jumping for joy?  Yeah, that is probably it!  Then the last suspect is the fact that it is only a week until Christmas, and thus the start of a two week annual leave holiday break.  So maybe I’m burnt out from work and just need a break?

Or maybe it is a combination of all?  I have no idea – I just know that my motivation is really low to the point where I haven’t been to the gym for a week.  Anyway, this morning I stopped the low carb diet.  I did my skin folds on Saturday and they were heading in the wrong direction – i.e. up rather than down – so whatever I was doing wasn’t working.  As I mentioned too, it doesn’t help that my testosterone is low.  Testosterone helps to keep lean muscle mass and lose fat, so having a low end of normal reading certainly doesn’t help the cause.  In order to address that I have booked an appointment with the anti-aging specialist tomorrow morning.  If I do have a problem with my testosterone level then I’m sure she will find it.

So if the lack of carbs is affecting my motivation, I wonder how fast I will notice a difference after I begin eating more carbs?  It is afternoon now, and I don’t feel any different yet.  Obviously I am finally writing a new blog though!

So how is this all affecting my psoriasis?  Well actually it has been pretty well controlled over the last couple of weeks.  Is that because of a reduced carb intake?  Or perhaps one of the carbs (or gluten) is an inflammation trigger which causes my psoriasis to flare?  Hmmmm.  I don’t know, but it is interesting.  I will keep an eye on it now to see if it gets worse now I’m back on a higher level of carbs.  I am looking forward to having some bread (wholewheat of course) when I get home.  My back still continues to ache – however I’m not sure if that is because of low testosterone or my arthritis or general degeneration.  I’m hoping the visit to the doctor tomorrow can shine more light on that.

My RLS has been a lot worse lately.  So maybe high protein / fats doesn’t help that?  The last few nights have been terrible, with me waking up about 2am with terrible RLS – unusually in my upper arms.  It is awful to be dog tired but unable to fall asleep due to RLS.  Poor sleep doesn’t help. Last night I cut off the bottoms of some socks to put them on my upper arms to keep them warm, as a combination of the pressure / heat helps to deal with the RLS.  Maybe I need to get some of these:

The good news is that there is only one way out from this – up.  I’m back on carbs, tomorrow I see the doctor, and I only have 4 more work days before my holiday kicks in.  Bring on the holidays!

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