Neurontin for RLS

It works!  Well, it is working for me.  Finally I’ve found something that works for my RLS at night.

I tried the 1,200mg and woke one time with RLS, however after upping the dose to 1,500mg I have had no problems at all!  I’ve had several nights where I have slept solidly all the way through the night without waking once!  I haven’t slept so well since I was a teenager.

I was a little surprised, as my doctor was worried that 600mg would “knock me out”, but it didn’t at all.  Even with 1,500mg I sometimes wake a little drowsy, but that feeling is gone within 30 minutes.  The Neurontin does make me drowsy at night though, but I find that is great for helping me to fall asleep.  In the trial with Horizant, they gave the participants the medicine at 5pm and noted that doses ranged up to 1,800mg.  So my dose of 1,500mg is within that range.  I find however that the medication kicks in with some drowsiness about 2 hours after taking it, so one should therefore ideally take it about 2 hours before you plan to sleep.

I also found that it wasn’t too difficult to cut out the tramadol either.  You may recall that I quite quickly managed to get down to 50mg every 12-16 hours.  After a few days on the Neurontin I found that I was easily stretching out the time between tramadol doses (I didn’t clock watch but just took it when I noticed withdrawal symptoms) until it got to more than 36 hours.  So my advice for anyone wishing to end dependence on tramadol is to just take that route, i.e. just take tramadol when you feel the withdrawal symptoms coming on and hopefully your body will naturally start producing its own endorphins again.  I also think that perhaps my regular exercise with the kettlebells and jujitsu also helped my body to produce endorphins.  Getting a good night’s sleep also helps a lot.

So now I have about 2 years supply of tramadol!  Oh well, I am already a hoarder of medicines.

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