Over Niagra Falls in a Barrel

I haven’t been feeling 100% over the last couple of days.  I’ve had a runny nose and my RLS has been plaguing me through the day, which is unusual.  Two nights ago I suddenly felt extremely cold.  So cold that I started shivering uncontrollably and doubled the number of blankets on my bed.  I didn’t feel sick or like I had a fever, but I sure felt cold.  I slept ok, but when I woke up (yesterday) I still felt dog tired, and so succumbed to temptation and missed my early morning cardio so I could sleep some more.  I  then didn’t seem to improve during the day.  In fact about lunchtime I started getting hot and cold flushes as well as having RLS.  So I made the decision then that I wasn’t going to go to the gym for a workout, and took a dicodin to take the edge off my RLS.  I have a rule that I don’t work out if I have taken pain killers – I guess as firstly I believe that if I’m sore enough to have to take pain killers then I shouldn’t be working out and secondly that the pain killers could mask any pain if I injured myself and thus I would exacerbate the injury by continuing to work out.

I’m guessing that perhaps my body is fighting off a virus or some such bug.  Although when I mentioned my hot and cold flushes to my wife she made the helpful suggestion that I may be going through male menopause!

I decided to skip my cardio again this morning, and would see how I fare during the day and then make a decision on going to the gym.  The problem with us gym junkies is that we feel terribly guilty if we miss a workout.  It really is a mind over matter thing, and I keep having to repeat logic to myself i.e. that a rest is actually good for the body  – particularly if I am unwell as it helps conserve resources to focus the fight on whatever is making me feel sick.  Anyway, my RLS is rearing its’ ugly head again so I’ve just dropped another dicodin and decided to skip tonight’s workout too.  I’m keeping up with my healthy eating so it isn’t like I’m suddenly going to be overloaded with calories.Niagra falls in a barrel?  Would you do it if you knew that there was minimal chance of harm?  Check out this article where a couple of guys have designed a “tsunami survival capsule” and are going to test drive it by riding it over the falls.  Wow.  Can you imagine if they succeed, and then create a new adventure tourism activity of offering people the chance to go over the falls in one of these things?  The new alternative to bungy jumping.  Imagine if they made it transparent so you could see everything as you went over.  Oahhhhhhhhh.

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