No Remicade for 21 Weeks

My last dose of remicade was 24th December last year.  Everything seems to be pretty much ok so far, I don’t have any swollen joints in my fingers – which I had when my arthritis was active.  Every small ache or pain that I get has me immediately thinking about whether it is a joint pain or muscle pain – and because I’m so active in the gym everything so far has just been muscular pain I think.  I do have a slight pain in my right hip joint region now and then – and will keep an eye on it.  The situation has become a bit complicated as my restless legs isn’t being well controlled by lyrica and I’ve been self dosing with some percocet I have on hand during the day.  The percocet works really well for restless legs (of course) however I’m aware that if I do have some arthritis returning then the percocet could be masking the pain.  I still have a ton of tramadol left but I’m really adverse to taking that due to my previous bad experience withdrawing from it.  Logically I should go and see a neurologist to get on top of my restless legs but unfortunately my one experience with a neurologist here left me with a strong impression that they don’t take the condition seriously.  I definitely got the impression that the doctor didn’t think my concerns were legitimate.

I guess I should go and see another neurologist but I’m just so tired of seeing so many doctors.  And the percocet controls the symptoms really well so I’m happy at the moment.  I guess once my stash of percocet gets low I’ll revisit this issue.

In my last post I mentioned that my platelets may have been low and that this could have been caused by the remicade.  I was due to go back and see the hematologist but missed the appointment.  I have an appointment booked with my anti-aging doctor in June and will have my lipids, blood profile etc. tested so will find out then if there is a problem with my platelets.

So as far as I’m aware my arthritis is in remission!  Long may it stay that way!  Yes I am very very happy.  My psoriasis hasn’t disappeared and to the contrary since I’ve stopped taking a TNF inhibitor it has come back a little worse in places.  It has increased on my scalp and I have it back in my genital area.  Yes I know that some people may now be saying “eewww” but I want to be honest about how people suffer with psoriasis.  Guys with psoriasis can get it on their genitals – and it is not at all uncommon.   Yes it really really sucks!  I’m back to the regular application of steriod cream and it is ok.  I’m certainly happy to be off the remicade if it just means some application of cream. I do have a little change in my fingernails – I’ve just taken a pic so you can see:


However I’m happy with a little bit of psoriasis if it means the arthritis is gone!  My restless legs are pretty bad during the day while I’m sitting at my desk at work.  I’m determined to try out having a standing desk as I think my legs will be much better if I’m standing.  Unfortunately it seems like standing desks haven’t made it to Bangkok yet so I’ll have to work out some solution.

Have happy thoughts people!

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