Pitting Fingernails

I managed to fire up the digital camera and get some pics of the pitting on my fingernails.  The shot of my thumb doesn’t show all the pitting – I found it was difficult to get the right reflection of light to highlight it all, but you can get the general idea.

It has been a good weekend. Good sessions at the gym yesterday and today with the new routine, i.e. increased reps.  I also managed to get in over an hour of golf practice at the driving range, and an hour of drumming practice.  After the golf I had some pain in my left hand again.  Since I had the same pain after golf practice last time, I know it must be due to my hand position (and thus golf causing it) rather than arthritis.  Perhaps if I increase my practicing my hand will adjust?

Oh, and next week I will start some cardio…… 😡

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